Solarquest’s Founders entered the industry in 1982 while solar technology was still in its infancy.

More than 55,000 installations and 39 years later we still carry that innovative spark;
harnessing clean and affordable technology to improve access to renewable energy across the globe.

From household to national projects, we are solution based and future
focused, looking for ways to reshape how homes, villages, and cities are powered.


Jangez Gangat


With over 25 years of experience in the Solar Power industry, Jangez’s passion for renewable energy is undeniable. From sourcing the best quality products and overseeing thousands of projects in the SADC region, his knowledge in the industry is unparalleled. He has worked on projects with world renowned organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, US Aid, The European Union, diplomatic entities and has partnered with world leading manufacturing companies across the world.

Nyasha Bamhare


Nyasha oversees the growth and revenue strategy for Solarquest and is dedicated to making the business not only a financial success but also to ensure the business works on projects that genuinely help those in need. Nyasha is passionate about seeing the African continent prosper and has experience working in multiple African markets which include Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Working in the renewable energy sector since 2014, Nyasha has been able to practically apply clean energy solutions to the key economic sectors he was previously part of with the hope of a green and sustainable future for the continent.

Elaine Peters

Chief Financial Officer

Elaine oversees the operational activities within South Africa and her team provides support to the group’s offices in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. After graduating with an Honours BSC in Environmental Science, Elaine has industry experience in manufacturing, transport, logistics and consulting. She is passionate about sustainability and enjoys working in renewable energy where she can contribute in her own way to aid sustainable development.

Brian Makundi

Chief Operating Officer

Following an extensive career in both International Banking and Development Economics across several commercial enterprises throughout Africa, Brian has witnessed first-hand the challenges businesses face without access to reliable power. His professional network extends to Standard Chartered, Barclays, Trade and Development Bank as well as recent research engagements at the University of Cape Town’s School of Economics.

Maria Gangat


Maria has over a decade of experience in Marketing and Sales in the solar power industry as well as various tech startups in the United States. Her global mindset and expertise has been an integral part of Solarquest’s growth and product diversification since the beginning.

Mutsa Madzima

General Manager | Zimbabwe

Mutsa studied Banking and Information Systems at Murdoch University in Australia and has been in the solar industry for nearly a decade. She has an immense passion for her work and has sought out several certifications through CCL Zimbabwe, African Energy, Lorentz, and the German Association under HIT Zimbabwe.

Taylor Bradley

Marketing Manager

Building upon years of experience in Content Creation, Social Media Management, Branding, Writing, Photography and Design, Taylor loves finding creative ways to portray brand narrative and purpose. She believes a focus on renewable energy is paramount to creating a more sustainable future for all.